"Professional updating: we promote cultural growth and the constant professional updating of the category and our members, mainly through the organization and implementation of specific days dedicated to the study and deepening of themes of common interest, as well as the guided tour of territorial areas, places and sites of major importance for the practice of the profession, always availing of the advice and collaboration of experts and teachers with proven experience and disciplinary competence.

In this section the members accessing with their own credentials, can read and download the any information on the days already completed."


We represent and safeguard the rights

of the profession and of our associates, providing assistance in matter of disputes and problems related to the practice of the profession, we work to solve all those issues our category might encounter, even thanks to Institutions and Trade Unions expert on the subject, we put forward proposals to public or private agencies, institutions, organizations, associations, foundations, in order to achieve professional, scientific, cultural goals both for our Association and the category itself.


We contribute to the safeguard,

the promotion and the exploitation of the cultural, and environmental heritage, along with the development of a sustainable tourism, respecting the environment, the tangible and intangible resources and its peculiarities: Nature and Landscape, Art and History, Monuments, Architecture and Archaeology, Food & Wine.


We work with all

those who operate in Tourism, Culture and Environment, such as firms, associations, public or private agencies, parks and protected areas, museums, media.


All partners

have the right to join the life of our Organization and to access the roles within the Association board, to partecipate to our meetings with the right to vote and to inspect the acts adopted or the documentation related to the management of the association itself. The Board consists of five members, while the Board of Arbitrators and the Board of Auditors are both composed by three constituents. Each charge has a duration of three years.


Our members are all language professionals with a proven multidisciplinary knowledge, along with excellent skills and a long-term professional experience in I.T., Education, Tourism and Culture promotion and communication, either addressed to individuals or groups.