The regional association of Tourist Guides Sardinia (A.R.G.T.S.) was born in January 2008. It is exclusively composed by tour guides regularly enrolled in the regional register of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, holding a license to practice and all closely connected to one another sharing the passion, dedication and enthusiasm for their work, their skills and professional experience, a certified, proven and updated knowledge of the entire regional territory, as well as Linguistic and multi-disciplinary skills.

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Codice deontologico


Bodies and associates

Management Board

  • Michela Mura - President
  • Carola Kiersten - Vice Presidente
  • Maria Antonietta Marras - Vice President
  • Maria Antonietta Nudda - Secretay
  • Lucia Nieddu - Treasurer

Board of Arbitrators

  • Francesca Fodde
  • Vincenzo Moi
  • Alessandra Pellegrini

Board of Auditors

  • Maria Giuseppa Sechi
  • Sergio Sedda
  • Dimopoulos Leluda


Our members are all language professionals with a proven multidisciplinary knowledge, along with excellent skills and a long-term professional experience in I.T., Education, Tourism and Culture promotion and communication, either addressed to individuals or groups.